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I'm an artist and I'm currently typing up an AU story (my project: PPD!AU is on Wattpad Username: Leafy_the_leafboi) I like funky rythm game, puyo, and many other things
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D!AU's Beta Stories: Old D!AU Aya/Old writing of the story

Posted by LeafyCheese11 - August 2nd, 2021

The different story in my old beta project writings was a bit darker and horrifying when it came to Aya. They were made to be a threat and menacing even if they did look adorable it was their way of getting people lured. They would constantly terrorize Klug by playing all sorts of horrible tricks on him without getting caught. Eventually he wants to find what's causing this and finds Aya running at them at full speed (gonna fuck some shit up) Another part in this old writing was them flying down the halls banging on his door wanting in to attack, they chased him all the way outside about to seriously attack him. But they're stopped by everyone. Nobody believes what Klug says and trys showing the huge bite Aya did, but nobody believed it while Aya laughs about how nobody would ever believe him at all.

There was also a quote that hits pretty deep during a segment. "You know if you were stuck in a book for years and got basically got your life taken away from you, you'd be angry too! Why don't you put yourself in my point of view then you'd might be able to understand what I went through and why I did all this! Why don't you sit down tonight and think about that for a second..."

The way they met Accord was also different in the old writing ideas but it was uhhh... they used their tricks of flustering her to get her to come closer and they would join her in the night walk while just sweet talking a lot getting more closer to her. Eventually during this she fell in love with them and was lead back to their home (insert stuff here and a bit of wholesome) also something to note about this kind of ability was that it would always work no matter what, their power of getting Accord to realize what she felt towards them is strong and whatever they said would get to her.

Basically in this old writing idea/beta concept for the story D!Aya was kind of a terrifying, smug, demon.

I decided to maybe change that and not make something so horrifying maybe... so I wanted to make it D!Aya living a normal life/trying to see what others do since it was taken away from them so now they want to befriend them and get to know everyone. And so here is the final product of the story now with our adorable boye living their best life with Accord

I'm currently on ch 12 of the story and it's going great so far! I'm enjoying making this for you all and sharing everything. I've never made something this big before with this much dedication and work <3