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I'm an artist and I'm currently typing up an AU story (my project: PPD!AU is on Wattpad Username: Leafy_the_leafboi) I like funky rythm game, puyo, and many other things
hello there person reading this how are you on this fine day?


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Let's talk about what the older version of Arcain Town was!

Arcain Town is the old home of Aya and Sig, it was originally going to be mentioned at the start of the story before starting with one of the Primp kids talking. The old idea for Arcain Town was a small place with old broken towers, buildings, and broken statues of the goddesses after the war that waged many years ago... however this changed to not be like an old broken down village

Arcain Town went through it's changes through out my ideas and description but still remained Aya and Sig's old home, Hyde, Filia, and Arca (the town was named after her the goddess) fixed up the town after the war... it has train stations, statues of many legendary stories from the town, and some castles that hold old tales of the gods. Many homes still are there and Hyde (the older brother) still lives in the home Aya, Sig and him grew up in.

While yes it may seem like it's dusty and left behind Hyde takes good care of it and keeps things from long times ago, he makes pots and art to sell off for some money to use or helps people around. The farmers markets are always opened and many of the friends Aya made still work there and sell really well!

Overall Arcain Town is a place full of stories and legends that Aya is very fond of I mean why wouldn't they? They grew there and always looked up to Arca and Filia. They still tell many classic legends from the town to Adisa before she sleeps, they even did it when they were younger they loved them a lot and still do. So as you can see Arcain Town has had a far out change and a great one!

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